Inland Transport

EFG’s transport capabilities reach far beyond ocean lanes and ports. We also provide extensive land transport and door-to-door services, offering customers a comprehensive solution with one point of contact, so you can rely on our trusted quality standards and advanced monitoring methods to take care of the entire shipping process.

We work hand-in-hand with the best providers to offer excellent full-service intermodal transport. By road, rail or barge, anyone transporting EFG cargo has undergone a rigorous selection process and adheres to strict guidelines. As an independent carrier, EFG is able to keep a close eye on each stage of transport, offering optimal support and meticulous care every step of the way.

This all-inclusive system offers you maximal convenience and impressive cost-efficiency. EFG arranges all elements of your cargo’s journey, including transportation to and from harbors, dry ports, and container depots. Providing a range of short, middle, or long-distance haulage options, we make sure the entire trip offers all the high standards and personally customized services you expect from EFG.