Ocean Freight

We offer ocean freight services at competitive rates, a choice of transit times and scheduled sailing options, with a full range of value-added services. Our ocean freight services are available to meet the challenges and deadlines of your overseas shipping itinerary. We can ship full container load or less than container load shipments to Cameroon and other nations in Africa.


Advantages of Container Shipments


Competitive and lower transportation costs for shipments influenced by the advantages of standardization.  


Specialized modes (cars, trucks, barges, ships, and wagons) and equipment handle Standard transport products anywhere in the world (ISO standard). Containers have a unique identification number and a size type code.


Handling operations are minimal and rapid due to standardization process. This leads to reduction of port turnaround time i.e. Port turnaround times can reduce from 3 weeks to about 24 hours. Container ships become faster than regular freighter ships, though slow streaming can undermine this advantage and it depends on the type of vessel available.


Our Containers carry a wide variety of goods and products, such as commodities, manufactured goods, cars, and refrigerated (perishable) goods. Adapted containers for dry cargo, liquids (oil and chemical products) and refrigerated cargo. Reuse of discarded containers.


Our containers are used for storage.

Security and safety

Our containers can only be opened at the origin (seller), at customs and at the destination (buyer). Reduced spoilage and losses (theft). Container Contents are unknown to carriers